The Official Magician of Salem returns to town for an unforgettable magic show in Remember Salem's Crown & Shield Hall
Join Rose Wolf, Salem's authority on wands, to choose, use and personalize your own Magic Wand. 
Very Limited Availability
Salem Night Tour presents a new type of tour as part of the city-wide "Wicked Wednesday" initiative. A shortened tour that is designed for children and families. 
Book Early 

  We have limited availability, and we are often fully booked, especially in October. To make sure that we can accommodate you on your preferred time and date, please book as early as possible! We would love to give our Salem Night Tour to all who wish to attend, but this is not possible. 

Arrive Early

  In October we start check in 30 minutes before scheduled tours. We suggest coming to Salem early to find parking, get settled, and enjoy our beautiful city at a leisurely pace. 

​In October 2017 we will run our original Salem Night Tour every night! You will see more times to choose from, as well as different activities. On our booking schedule you will also see our "Wicked Good Wednesday" children's tour, a spectacular magic show, and a weekly wand class hosted by Wynott Wands.    
We have activities and tours to choose from. 
Please take a moment to make sure you have chosen the correct date and activity.