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The Salem Night Tour’s Adult Only Option:
Exploring Salem's Secrets
If you're ready to delve into Salem's captivating past after dark, 
The Salem Night Tour’s Adult Only Option promises an experience ‘to die for’. 

What sets this apart from our standard Salem Night Tour? 
-  Smaller Group Size 
- Later Start Times
- No Children Under 14 Years Old

An Exclusive Experience 
Audience Suitability & Restrictions

This tour is reserved for those aged 14 and older, creating an environment that's tailored to adults seeking a more mature and enriching experience. The limited group size of 30 participants ensures an intimate setting, allowing everyone to connect with the stories and their guide. 

(As Always, for guests traveling with children, we suggest the standard Salem Night Tour!)
​A Night of Intrigue and Discovery
Tour Highlights

After the sun sets, and after our nightly family-friendly tours have already departed, the city's ambiance transforms, and the Adult Only Option takes center stage. Led by expert guides well-versed in Salem's tales, this walking tour presents a curated and exclusive journey past some of The Witch City’s most iconic sites and haunting locations. From chilling accounts of the Salem Witch Trials to locations with centuries-old secrets, participants can anticipate an evening of historical insight, spine-tingling ghost stories, and an exploration of Salem's hidden history.
Later & Darker
An Eerily Quiet Atmosphere

Salem's streets hold an entirely different allure under the cloak of late night. The streets are more eerily quiet, luring guests into a foreboding sense of peacefulness. The Adult Only Option embraces the mystique, encouraging participants to engage with Salem's history in a way that's unique and atmospheric. With the moon shining, you'll wander through dimly lit streets, transported to a bygone era where history whispers through the shadows.

The Expert Guides 
Guardians of Salem's Secrets

Behind every successful tour is a knowledgeable and charismatic guide. The Salem Night Tour boasts guides with a deep understanding of Salem's past, folklore, and paranormal activity. Their passion for storytelling will immerse you in Salem's history, transforming the tour into an interactive experience that engages all your senses.
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Embarking on Your Adult Only Adventure
Ready to Book The Salem Night Tour - Adult Only Option?

Ready to uncover Salem's hidden gems after dark? To secure your spot on the Adult Only Option, be sure to make a reservation. 
Remember to dress comfortably for a leisurely stroll through Salem's historical streets. As a reminder, baby carriages and children under 14 years old are not permitted on this tour option, allowing adults to fully immerse themselves in the experience. For our family-friendly tours, click here

With its limited group size, after-dark enchantment, and a diverse array of historical tales, the Adult Only Option at Salem Night Tour is a must for those seeking to explore Salem's history in a unique and captivating way. Whether you're a history buff, a paranormal enthusiast, or simply an inquisitive traveler, this walking tour is expertly curated to leave you spellbound and inspired!

Don't miss your chance to be a part of this exclusive journey. Reservations often fill early! Book your spot on the Adult Only Option below and let the mysteries of Salem unfold under the starlit sky.